Episode 6: Mixology - Skin Illuminating Moisture Creme

Skin Illuminating Moisture Creme
The Colorlab Foundation System creates customized moisturizers that illuminate, smooth, soothe and remineralize the skin. Skin Illuminating Moisture Creme is a complexion enhancer that makes skin look instantly refreshed, radient and glowing. Infuse the Botanical Creme Complex with Copper Peptide, Ultra Soothing and Ultra Firming Complex to transform lackluster skin into a luscious complexion

20 ml Botanical Creme Complex
6 - 10 pumps Pearl Toner
6 pumps of Sunscreen Additive
1 small scoop Morganite Multidimensional Frost
0.5 ml Copper Peptide Multi Mineral Complex
0.5 ml Ultra Soothing Botanical Complex
0.5 ml Ultra Firming Botanical Complex

Package in a 1 oz bottle or jar (FA28 or 29)

Product Information sheets for all Colorlab prodcuts.