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Moixology Liquid Bronzer

Liquid Bronzer

Liquid Bronzer luminizes and gives skin a smooth texture and an even, bronzed glow. Liquid Bronzer can be used as a primer or worn alone. Once applied, it dries down completely and stays put...even in steamy summer weather. Apply a small amount to the entire face using the Get Even foundation brush.

Mix in plastic cup:
20 ml Fringe Benefit
10 ml Thinner
5 ml Mattifier
4 tiny scoops Copper Frost
2 tiny scoops Bronze Frost
2 tiny scoops Champagne Frost
2 tiny scoops Gold Frost
2 tiny scoops Moonlight Pearl

Package in: 1 oz square pump foundation bottle, FA2
Suggested Retail: $32.50

Submitted by Courtney Hiatt, Cosmetic Advisor, The Color Cafe

Bronze Benefit

Bronze Benefit Bronzer

Bronze Benefit plumps fines lines giving skin a smooth, silky texture and a healthy sun-kissed glow. It’s great worn alone for those “no makeup” days, when you just don’t have time for a complete make up application or as a bronzing primer under foundation. Apply a small amount (less than a dime size) to entire face using the Get Even foundation brush.

Mix in plastic cup:
35 ml Fringe Benefit
3-6 pumps Yellow Brown Toner (according to preference) Package in: 1 oz pump bottle, FA31
Suggested Retail: $32.50
Compare to Smashbox’s Photo Finish Bronzing Foundation Primer





























Piece of Cake Eyeshadow

Piece of Cake Eyeliner

Piece of Cake creamy long-lasting eyeliner glides on the eye with ease and doesn’t flake or run. It’s a piece of cake to make and a piece of cake to wear. Customize the shade by creating your own combinations of frosts, foils and minerals. Apply with It’s a Fine Line or No Time Line brushes.

Mix in plastic cup:
½ jar Matte Base (heat to soften)
6 pumps Fringe Benefit
2 pumps Thinner
2 pumps Pearl Toner
4 large + 1 small scoops of MP/Frost

Heat all ingredients until liquefied (no more than 15-20 seconds) and pour into packaging. Recipe makes 2-3 eyeliners.

Package in: 1/8 oz. jar, FA28
Suggested Retail: $18-$22

Luminous Skin Benefit

Luminous Skin Benefit

Mixology Winner Staff Pick Fall 2008

Luminous Skin Benefit plumps fines lines and minimizes the look of pores while locking in moisture and creating an all over luminous glow with the benefit of Vitamin E and Dimethicone. Include one of the additives below to customize this luminous primer to your customers’ skin care needs. Luminous Skin Benefit can be worn as a primer or alone for a healthy luminous glow with great skin care benefits!

Created by:
Kimber Guy
Celebrity Makeup Artist
Los Angeles, CA

Mix in Plastic cup:
34 ml Fringe Benefit
1-2 pumps Pearl toner
4 drops Pink toner
2 drops Yellow Brown toner
And one of the below skin additives based on desired skin treatment
.5 ml of Copper Peptide Multi-Mineral Complex
.5 ml of Ultra Soothing Botanical Complex
.5 ml of Ultra Firming Botanical Complex
Package: Pour into 1oz Glass Pump Bottle FA2

Suggested Application: Apply small amount (pea size) to entire face using the Get Even foundation brush.

Suggested Retail: $32.50