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Midnight Sky Eyeshadow

Midnight Sky Eyeshadow

Mixology Winner Staff Pick Spring 2008

Colorlab Private Label staff love Midnight Sky eyeshadow for its color and versatility. The sheer, smoky shade features all four multi-dimensional frosts and is very wearable—it will flatter any skin tone and any attire. It’s great alone or over other shadows and it’s the perfect end-of-the-day shade to brighten what you already have on. Apply to lid with In the Shadow brush

1/2 t. Onyx MP
1/8 t. Medium MP
1/8 t. Chrysolite MDF
1/8 t. Morganite MDF
1/8 t. Azurite MDF
1/8 t. Alexandrite MDF

Package in: 3 gram jar, PP2
Suggested Retail: $18-$24

Submitted by Kaila Spencer, Esthetician/Makeup Artist at Naturals Day Spa in Morgan Hill, CA

Piece of Cake Eyeshadow

Piece of Cake Eyeliner

Piece of Cake creamy long-lasting eyeliner glides on the eye with ease and doesn’t flake or run. It’s a piece of cake to make and a piece of cake to wear. Customize the shade by creating your own combinations of frosts, foils and minerals. Apply with It’s a Fine Line or No Time Line brushes.

Mix in plastic cup:
½ jar Matte Base (heat to soften)
6 pumps Fringe Benefit
2 pumps Thinner
2 pumps Pearl Toner
4 large + 1 small scoops of MP/Frost

Heat all ingredients until liquefied (no more than 15-20 seconds) and pour into packaging. Recipe makes 2-3 eyeliners.

Package in: 1/8 oz. jar, FA19, 42

Suggested Retail: $18-$22
























Eye Bright Mineral Powder Primer

Eye Brightening Mineral Powder Primer

The best way to secure great coverage and long wear from your mineral powder shadows is to create a custom shadow primer to apply to eyes before shadow applications. A shadow primer is the perfect product to “link sell” with every mineral powder shadow. Introduce this product to clients who want a stronger payoff or need longer wearability from their shadows. 

Mix in plastic cup:
6 pumps Fringe Benefit
2 pumps Pearl toner
3 large scoops Coverage Intensifier (appropriate shade)
2 tiny scoops Morganite frost
Foundation toners to match skin
(only drops – no pumps!)
Package: Pour into 1/8oz glass jar, FA19, FA42

Suggested Application: Apply the shadow primer over the entire lid with Blend and Perfect or Hide and Conceal brushes, then apply mineral powder shadow over primer as usual.

Suggested Retail: $24.00